Usable art


With a degree in Fine Arts & Graphic Design from Parsons School of Design, New York, Malene has had the pleasure and privilege to work on product packaging and product design through the years.

Amongst the many projects, she has created a hand painted Fritz Hansen chair, and a Montana shelve (commissioned by Mads Wulff of Luxembourg), hand designed mink pillows (commissioned by world famous Saga Fur), several usable art works for private individuals, and is currently working on the stage design for the Jazz trio, “Trio of OZ,” which features world renowned artists Omar Hakim and Rachel Z.

“Transforming furniture and accessories into usable art gives me a chance to have my art become characters in unique stories. The art becomes animated much differently to a painting or a sculpture. They come alive through use. It’s great!”

Malene is creating products for companies as well as for individuals.